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International Lawyer


By studying for your undergraduate degree in law at the College of Law and Business in Israel, you are not only eligible for the New York State & Israeli bar exams, but also for a fast-track LLM from Kent College of Law in Chicago (part of IIT) or Fordham University School of Law.

International summer internships and seminars available at: Harvard, Oxford, Kassel University, ICC-Paris, Linden Partners, and more!



The College of Law and Business (CLB) in Ramat Gan is one of Israel’s most prominent academic institutions in the fields of law and business. CLB strives to cultivate leaders who champion values of excellence, professionalism, and human rights. In fact, Forbes magazine voted CLB as one of the most prestigious law schools in Israel.


The college has created academic partnerships with leading law institutions in the world for the benefit of the students in the form of internships and workshops. 


As a nonprofit, self-supporting institution, the College of Law and Business is able to offer its student affordable tuition rates and some scholarships.

About the College of Law and Business 

Join us! Deans, staff, and students will be available to answer all your questions regarding a faster, better, and more affordable path towards your future in international law and business!

Or Global Business Leader?


Study globalization and international commerical law and gain skills and experience from the  Start-Up Nation and the finance capital of the world. This is the first undergraduate business program in Israel, where students study two years here and one year in New York, graduating with TWO bachelors degrees. The entire program is taught in English, both at the CLB campus in Ramat Gan and at the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University. 


August 2, 2017 at 18:00 (6:00PM)


Join us on campus:

Derech Ben Gurion 26, Ramat Gan 


Or online via Livestream - RSVP for link

(Streamed Live from 18:15 IDT (11:15 AM EST)

PART-TIME STUDY - so you can work or intern
2 Undergrad Business Degrees from New York & Israel in 3 years 

The Only English-Hebrew Law Degree (LL.B.) in Israel
and Dual Degree Programs in Tel Aviv

Study Law & Business in Israel


August 2, 2017 at 18:00 (6:00PM)

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