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The only English-Hebrew Undergraduate Law Degree LL.B. in Israel

BA in Business in English with option to graduate in NY, USA

and Dual Degrees Tracks


Studies are part-time - so you can work or intern.








Study Law & Business in Israel

in ENGLISH (and Hebrew)





AUGUST 2 @ 18:00







Study Law & Business in Israel
in ENGLISH (and Hebrew)




About the College of Law and Business 

The College of Law and Business (CLB) in Ramat Gan is one of Israel’s most prominent academic institutions in the fields of law and business. CLB strives to cultivate leaders who champion over values of Excellence, Professionalism, and Human Rights. In fact, Forbes magazine voted CLB as one of the most prestigious law schools in Israel.


The college has created academic partnerships with leading law institutions in the world for the benefits of the students in the form of internships and workshops. Among these are Harvard, Oxford, Kassel, Yeshiva U., and Long-Island U. As a non-profit, self-supporting institution, the College of Law and Business is able to offer its student affordable tuition rates and some scholarships.

International Lawyer, Business Leader or Both?


The College of Law and Business (CLB) offers great opportunities for bachelor degrees in law and business in Israel in English and Hebrew.  


LAW DEGREE: By studying your undergraduate degree in Law at the College of Law and Business (CLB) in Israel, you are eligible to sit for the New York State bar exam, and to graduate in the USA with our fast-track LLM from Kent College of Law in Chicago (part of IIT), Yeshiva University's Cardozo Law and to start a career as an international lawyer.


BUSINESS DEGREE: For Business students, you have the option of studying your final year in New York and graduate with two undergraduate degrees - one from CLB and one from LIU Brooklyn.